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Welcome to Kinetic Roots Wellness!
We offer expert massage, Reiki, and continuing education in a safe, queer-owned, and trauma informed space.

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What are the benefits of Reiki practice?

As a Reiki practitioner you are opened to the beautiful flow of universal life force energy. Through this connection and the practices learned in a Reiki course you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the interconnectedness of all life. With dedicated practice you can achieve new level of peace of mind and spirit.

Recipients of Reiki healing often describe a feeling of being cared for. They gain a feeling of deep relaxation that allows their bodies to facilitate healing on all levels.

About Us

At Kinetic Roots Wellness, we believe in building a foundation for holistic wellness through our quality therapeutic services and our continuing education workshops. Our founder, Reiki Master-Teacher Michael Ward, has dedicated his career to promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through Reiki workshops in the Usui-Tibetan lineage. We supplement this with additional modalities such as massage therapy continuing education, sound healing, mindfulness workshops, and integrative bodywork. Welcome to our safe space and community!


Eboni Reid, LMBT

“Thank you for this class! The information & meditations were helpful. Also, thanks for making this class affordable. I will recommend this class to others."

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